Made in Bath
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Made in Bath is a new book about the dynamic spirit of makers in Bath, sharing the stories of 18 modern-day creatives, craftspeople, engineers and innovators. It is a snapshot of Bath today – not just a heritage site, but a hotbed of ideas and ceaseless energy, with a culture of creativity and craftsmanship. The book celebrates Bath-based makers who share a philosophy of doing things well, and take great pride in their work.

It's the result of a collaboration between two local makers – Mytton Williams, a design studio and Opal Print.

Available in local bookshops and on Amazon from November.


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“It’s a hobby that turned into a career and it’s so diverse that I don’t think I will ever get bored of it. There is no routine and no set formula – every project is different.”

– I Love Colours Studio


Avenida Home

Selling tableware worldwide

Electric Bear Brewing

Craft beer with a dash of humour

International Magic

Digital narratives and experiences


Bertinet Bakery

Real bread every day


Format Engineers

Design, art and mathematics


Maria Wojdat

Contemporary ceramics


Brooklin Models

Craftsmanship at 1/43 scale

George Bayntun Bindery

Fine binding and rare books

Moulton Bicycles

Small-wheeled marvels


Carole Pearson

Artistic interpretations


Grant Associates

Making intelligent landscapes


Real World Studios

Collaborative music making


Charlie Caffyn

Handcrafted furniture


Henny & Joe’s

Masala chai syrup



Keeping the world flowing



High-performance engineering


I Love Colours Studio

Interiors to suit personalities


Studio Spilsbury

Drawing with ink, spit and glue


 “Five years ago when the recipe was being created, it took a year to get it right. A year of testing, trying, testing, trying.”

– Henny & Joe’s


“Breaking the rules is the first thing you do. I’d never slavishly give a client what they asked for. I wouldn’t be doing my job if I did that. Give them something that surprises them, then articulate why they need it.”

– Studio Spilsbury


Mytton Williams
The designers

We are a brand and design studio, helping organisations to stand out, tell their story, communicate what they offer and why it matters. We do this through brand communications: creating, developing and managing brands and how they work across all media. Our ethos and aim as a company is to produce brands and designs that are simple, smart and timeless. The simplicity – trying to reduce everything down to its essence – can be hard work but is always worth it. 

Over the years our projects have included developing the Clarks brand identity, redesigning the Time Out guides and creating the identity for Thermae Bath Spa and have won many awards for effectiveness and creativity.


Opal Print
The printers

At Opal we produce printed communications that not only communicate visually, but also provoke our other senses, even smell! Translating a message through print starts from the moment a piece of work is picked up; this is achieved through the use of the finest papers, creative techniques and carefully considering the purpose for which the work is intended.

Our recent projects have included working with Don McCullin (pictured) on a three-volume lifetime retrospective of his work. In both 2016 and 2018 we won ‘Best in Show’ at the Antalis Review Design and Print awards.


 “Reducing a problem to the point where you can’t reduce it any more and you arrive at the essence of it. That’s what most inspires us.”

– Format Engineers


“Throughout our history, we have developed innovative products, many of which have become industry-standard.”

– Rotork